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Our Unreasonable God

Tara Alemany, Author and Speaker

Let me ask you this question. Has your God proved to be as unreasonable as mine has? He’s continually pushing me outside of my comfort zone, asking more of me than I think is reasonable. What’s that all about?

But then, what makes me unique?

He asked Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of just one tree, while leaving everything else open to them.

He asked Noah to build an arc in a dry and arid land.

He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and to leave a country he knew for the promise of a future land he was unfamiliar with.

Then, there was that whole thing about asking Moses to re-enter the palace walls 40 years after he’d left them to demand freedom for “his” people.

He asked Elijah to trust Him when all of the other prophets were being hunted down by Jezebel and killed.
And he asked little David to stand up to a giant with small stones and a slingshot.

He asked Jesus to come and take on the sins of this world for no other reason than that He loves you and me.

Jesus asked fishermen to leave their nets and follow him, promising that he would make them fisher of men.

Let’s face it… Our God is into ridiculous requests! He asked something completely unreasonable of me this past month. Yet, in following His leading, all I could do was obey the call.

When you’re living your daily life or writing what God puts on your heart, does He ever call you to be unreasonable? Do you listen, or do you turn a deaf ear, hoping He really didn’t mean it?

I’ve been called to be unreasonable in a big way. Yet, I believe that God will bless me through the experience. So, I’m wholeheartedly following His lead, being as unreasonable as I possibly can in this limited human frame that I have, and looking forward to seeing what it is that God accomplishes through this lesson.

When God calls us to be unreasonable, it’s usually because He has something huge planned for us, whether it’s in our lives or through our writing.

He’s gifted each one of us uniquely to use words to convey His message to others. Are you resisting being unreasonable? Stuck in the comfort of being safe and normal? Make that bold statement. Step out and be unreasonable, and see what God can do through you.