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It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Tara Alemany, Author and Speaker

Have you ever heard the old story of the blind men trying to describe an elephant? The man by the tail thought an elephant was thin and sinewy like a snake. The man by the foot thought that it was solid and immovable like a wall. The man by its ear felt the cool breezes it created and the papery thinness of it, so thought it was like a fan. The man by the trunk admired its usefulness and flexibility and the way that it carried water, so he thought it was like a hose.

While man’s perspective is limited, God’s is not. He knows all the qualities and properties of the elephant he created, just as he knows what he has planned for each of us.

Oftentimes, our perspective is one of fear. When God told Moses that he was to be his spokesman, Moses pleaded with him to find someone else. I know that when God called me to go to the Lion of Judah the first time, a school our church supports in Africa, I was filled with fear. It seemed like a crazy request. Yet God’s call was clear to me.

Sometimes, our perspective is one of misinterpretation. Peter’s counsel caused Jesus to reply, “Get away from me Satan!”And Job’s friends counseled him to consider what he might have done to bring his curse upon himself when, unlike Jonah, he had been righteous and faithful and done nothing to deserve the calamity that befell him and his family. To us, who know God’s side of that story, it’s clear that Job’s friends were completely wrong. But I often wonder whether their counsel instilled any self-doubt, even if only for a moment, in Job. [Read more…]