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The Priceless Gift of Time

Tara Alemany, Author and Speaker

On January 21, 2015, a dear friend, Julie Green, lost her 2.5 year battle with ALS. Within the 4-week span of December 19th (Frank’s birthday) and January 21st (Julie’s death), I lost 4 friends, each of progressively closer connection to me.

The first was a missionary that our church had supported for years. The next was a childhood neighbor. The third was pastor of a local church, whom I’d had the privelge of serving on a steering committee with years ago. And the last was Julie…

I saw her 2 days prior to her death. Even though she was tired, no longer able to eat, talk or move about on her own, her spirit was strong. She asked about my loved ones, my work, and more. She rejoiced in the good news that I shared and lamented the upcoming events she knew she was going to miss. But the entire time, with the exception of a single statement “I’m tired of the struggle…” Julie was filled with light, laughter and joy. Confined to a wheelchair, betrayed by a body no longer hers to will, she was content even in that moment. [Read more…]