Want to learn more? Here’s what some of Tara’s audiences have had to say about her.

Leisa Brown

I had the pleasure of participating in Tara’s presentation on Social Media and SEO at The Power of eMarketing Conference in Providence, RI (#EMAPROV). I found her information helpful, doable and highly-creative – especially if you have limited resources. It was clear that she had much more to offer than her time slot allotted.

Liesa BrownIntegrated Marketing Communications ProfessionalAmerican Chemical Society
Tara R. Alemany with Jeffrey Hayzlett from The Hayzlett Group

Tara’s integrity and authenticity is so real that while I was listening to her talk recently, you could literally hear everyone in the room breathing — they were so enthralled with what she had to say.

Jeffrey HayzlettGlobal Business Celebrity and Best-Selling AuthorThe Hayzlett Group
Chris Westfall

There is a deep river of quiet strength and resilience that comes from Tara’s story. It’s a message that touches all of us – a message of hope, a message of rediscovery and (ultimately) a message of personal triumph.

Chris WestfallNational Elevator Pitch Champion and author of The NEW Elevator PitchWestfall Online
Susan Mazza

As someone who is rediscovering her faith in Christ, Tara’s story and wisdom has been particularly inspiring and helpful to me.  Warm and authentic, she has a way of making you feel both safe and motivated to challenge yourself to be who you really are in all areas of your life.

Susan MazzaPresidentClarus Consulting Group
Patricia Campbell

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Social Media Marketing given by Tara Alemany. I was impressed with her expertise in consolidating concepts, practical advice and solutions into manageable forms that were easy to process. Her knowledge of the subject was clear, and her ability to communicate to a diverse group of participants was strong. I am convinced that Tara would be an asset to any company looking to begin or enhance what it is doing in the area of social media marketing or to help the company determine its needs in this area.

Patricia CampbellColonial/Square/Folk/Contra Dance Educator/Caller The Reel Thing
Zakhar Glukhovsky

On March 11th, 2010 I attended a presentation by Tara Alemany. The topic was “WHY of Social Media.” Let me tell you that the audience consisted of people ranging from 25 to 84 years old. I don’t remember when I did ever observe such attention from the attendees before. Tara captured their attention instantaneously and kept it until the last minute, receiving long and warm ovations for the job well done.
Being myself one of those baby boomers who has to keep up with technology, I did have my presence on Facebook and LinkedIn before the presentation, but was not sure about necessity of adding it to Twitter. I didn’t see how all these social sites could work in conjunction. I didn’t see a lot of stuff before I had an opportunity to listen to Tara. She was able in a very easy way to clarify some of the confusing topics, and the confusion melted away very quickly. I can highly recommend to anybody at any age, and any level of computer knowledge, to attend Tara’s presentation when the opportunity comes, or contact her directly and get a “private lesson.” You’ll be amazed how much more productive will you become on the social sites, improving the opportunities to grow your business.

Zakhar GlukhovskyPresident, Makes Sense Engineering & Consulting, LLC
Carol Barnier

Tara has done the impossible– taking a serious technophobe like me and guided me into the world of social marketing. My site hits almost instantly nearly tripled, and I’m seeing opportunities that I previously missed completely. I knew I needed to jump on board with social marketing. Tara’s patience and understanding of the process took me from wanting to doing.

Carol BarnierAuthor and Speaker