The Best is Yet to Come

Tara has been asked along the way, where this particular message came from. How did it develop?

It started to take root when Tara was writing her fiancé’s eulogy. She was going through e-mails they had shared, and came across a “pass-along” that he had sent her. Here’s the story in her own words.

Frank once shared an e-mail pass-along with me that he enjoyed. In it, a young woman was terminally ill. In meeting with her pastor, she told him of all the things she wanted for her service, which songs were to be sung and scriptures to be read.

As he was preparing to leave, she stopped him and added that she wanted to be buried with a fork in her right hand. Puzzled, the pastor questioned why.

She explained that as a child, she’d often been told at the end of special dinners to “keep her fork.” It was always her favorite part because she knew that something better was coming… like velvety chocolate cake or deep-dish apple pie, something wonderful and with substance. In this story, she wanted people to wonder about the fork and for the pastor to remind them that the best is yet to come.