Is Fear Holding You Back?

“Fear not,” said the angel. “For unto you, a child will be born.”

You all know how the rest of it goes, right?

A tiny babe is born. His name? Emmanuel. God with Us. Jesus the Christ. The Messiah.

Hindsight tell us what a wondrous story unfolded after that visit. A baby born to a virgin. Unimaginable. Unpredictable. Unheard of.

How often have you been told “Don’t be afraid?” “Nothing’s going to hurt you.” “Everything will be alright.”

And yet fear held you in thrall.

I faced that more than once of late.

Conversations people wanted to have that have created anxiety.

Conversations people didn’t want to have that created a feeling of rejection.

Wondering what life will be like when my daughter is launched off into the world on her own a few short months from now.

Fearing for what she’ll experience far away where I can’t protect her. Knowing that, even if she stayed local, it’d be the same story. Parents have been launching their kids off into the world for generations and, for the most part, everything turned out alright.

There are times when fear serves a distinct purpose.

“Don’t you go touching that, or you’ll get your little bottom spanked!”

But for the most part, fear leaves us stuck. Unable to move. Unable to submit our writing to that publication or contest. “What if it’s not good enough?” Well, what if it is?!

Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you believe God is calling you to. Even when outward signs seem to discourage you from it. If it’s your calling, pursue it!

If it’s not your calling, doors will close quickly enough. Not to worry…

Is fear holding you back? I’d encourage you to ask yourself this question…

What if it held Mary back from believing and from accepting her callng? Where would we all be then?

Got the answer? Now ask yourself this… What if God plans to change someone’s life through the calling he’s given you?

Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing one of the most fulfilling conditions we can find ourselves in: Living in the midst of God’s will for our lives.

About Tara

Tara R. Alemany is a best-selling author and speaker. Her books include "The Plan that Launched a Thousand Books," "The Character-Based Leader," "My Love to You Always," "Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude," and her latest title "The Best is Yet to Come."

In her spare time, Tara is a recognized thought leader who runs Aleweb Social Marketing, does her best to raise her two teenagers, and serves on two Boards of Directors. She is also Chaplain of her local Word Weavers chapter, and is a black belt in Tang Soo Do.

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