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Tara R. Alemany is an inspirational author and speaker who covers a variety of topics.

However, for writers’ conferences, she uses the combination of first-hand experience marketing her own books and her background as owner of Aleweb Social Marketing to help other authors learn how to get found online.

If you’re planning for an upcoming writers’ conference or weekend, you might be interested in her social marketing, platform-building or self-publishing topics.

Her most popular talks right now at writers’ conferences are:

  • The Plan that Launched a Thousand Books – Most self-published authors sell fewer than 150 copies of their books. Don’t let your book become a statistic! Marketing your book doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need a plan. Explore a variety of marketing strategies that you can implement yourself no matter the size of your marketing budget. This talk is loosely based on her book of the same name, and will outline ideas and considerations for developing your own book marketing plan, based on proven, real-world techniques.
  • The Best Solution to Your Worst Business Problem – What’s your worst business problem? I don’t know yours specifically, but we all have a problem in business that plagues us. It might be lack of visibility, poorly educated clients, confusing branding, not enough leads, minimal cash flow, a distaste of “selling” or whatever else you may be facing. I’m sure that something just popped into your head. But there’s a solution, and it’s right at the tip of your tongue. Learn how writing a book (even if you don’t like writing!) can solve the worst of your business problems.
  • Putting Your Best Book Forward – Your book is a product. There’s no denying it. So how do you create the best quality product possible? Print-on-demand is a popular option because it’s easy. Limited choices mean you only need a limited understanding of the options. But to create the best book possible, those options may be too limiting! Learn how to navigate the world of book design with confidence.

Some other popular topics she has offered in the past include:

  • Researching Killer Topics Using KindleSpy – You know the old saying “So many books, so little time?” It’s true for authors, not just readers! Many of us have more than one book in us. So, how do you determine what’s hot and what’s not? What should you work on next? KindleSpy is the author’s version of a Magic 8 ball, only better! It allows you to see what topics are popular on Amazon now and gain insight into the revenue potential for your book ideas. This tool will enable you to quickly, easily and accurately project sales potential for your book idea based on current sales of similar titles. Learn how to take the guesswork out of writing projects.
  • Failing Faster to Succeed as an Author – Wouldn’t it be great if you knew, before investing all that time and effort, that there was an eager market willing to pay for your book? A little bit of market research can go a long way toward ensuring the financial success of your work. Learn how to test out topic ideas and to refine them into ready-to-sell titles with eager markets.
  • How to Get More Reader Reviews to Increase Sales and Grow Your Platform – Are reader reviews really all that relevant? Of course they are! They are the social currency of the book market, and without them you’ve got a problem. Many potential book buyers consider a lack of reviews on a book’s listing to mean that either the book is not good or that no one is reading it. Either way, it’s a negative message to send. Learn how to secure genuine, authentic and relevant reader reviews, and what to do with them once you have them to grow your platform and increase sales.
  • Creating a Platform Using Social Media – Has anyone told you yet that you need to have a platform? Did you scratch your head and wonder what they were talking about? A platform is something that enables you to be seen and heard. It’s not enough just to have written a fantastic book. You need the means to ensure that many people hear about it and, hopefully, buy it. No matter what, building a platform takes time and consistency. But in today’s marketing world, there are a variety of methods for creating that visibility. We’ll discuss some of the most effective means of building your platform so that you can get started right away.
  • LinkedIn for Authors – Every professional should be using LinkedIn, and that goes for writers too. LinkedIn is the online equivalent of real-world networking. As such, it can be used in much the same way. However, LinkedIn goes beyond just meeting new people, and participating in “getting to know you” conversations and generating leads. Learn how to create a profile that gets results, while using LinkedIn to conduct research, grow your network, find reviewers, interviewers and guest opportunities, and increase book sales.

She has given presentations at the Unicorn Writers’ Conference, The Mark Twain House’s 3rd Annual Writers’ Weekend, chapter meetings of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, the Association of Publishers for Special Sales, The Business of Writing International Summit, as well as the Florida Authors and Publishers Association‘s annual conference, among other places.

One conference organizer had this to say about Tara’s presentation afterward.

Tara is a true professional. The information she shares with her audience is timely, practical, and thorough. We were thrilled to have Tara as a featured speaker at Unicorn Writers Conference recently, and we have received so much positive feedback on the session she offered. Not only is Tara an expert in her field, she is a nurturing and supportive instructor. As a professional, she is generous with her time and talent. I’d highly recommend Tara.

Maureen Amaturo
Co-Chairman, Unicorn Writers Conference

If you’re interested in booking Tara for your next writers’ event, let us know!

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